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Motorcycle Torque Wrenches 2020. Best Brands and Models

Motorcycle torque wrench is sometimes considered a specialized tool, but its use is so common and critical that it should really be classified as basic equipment, like screwdrivers and pliers.

A quality torque wrench is the best way to ensure that important fasteners, such as axles, caliper pins and drain plugs, are properly tightened. We say tight, but what we’re really looking for is the clamping force created by tightening the bolt.

The 9 Most Popular Motorcycle Torque Wrenches. Some 1-Piece Only

The torque wrench must be present among the tools for the maintenance of your motorcycle. Below are the top 9 torque wrenches found on Amazon that you should consider purchasing.



There are other well known brands in the market such as Enduro, TEXTON, Tacklife, EPAuto, eTORK, BULLTOOLS, etc.

Torque Wrenches for Motorcycle Spokes

A smart and practical way to increase the life of your bike’s tires is to use the same torque when adjusting them. To achieve this, the right tool is a motorcycle spoke torque wrench. Below you can see the best selling models on Amazon.

Buying Guide

Motorcycles are regularly subjected to demanding conditions of use and those who carry out maintenance must be able to rely on both their tools and the parts of the bike.

Torque wrenches are a necessity for any critical bolting application on a motorcycle. Their use is often associated with areas such as crank pinions or cylinder head bolts on the motorcycle. However, there are many basic maintenance tasks that also benefit from the accuracy and repeatability of a torque wrench.

Feel free to save money on your screwdrivers or dies if you wish, but as with the helmet, the torque wrench is important enough to make it worth investing in a good quality one.Even if it doesn’t look like it, the bolt shafts, their threads and the thread of the material they are screwed into have some elasticity.

When these parts are tightened, the necessary clamping force is produced to prevent the rear wheels from moving on the swing arm or oil from leaking beyond the housing covers, for example. Nothing better than a torque wrench to do this job accurately.

Which Motorcycle Torque Wrench to Buy ?

After due research at Amazon we found that TEKTON 24330, ⅜” Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-80 ft.-lb.) is the most purchased and most favored. Below you can get more information about it:


More information about Torque Wrenches

3 Common Uses of the Motorcycle Torque Meter

1. Axle Nuts: chain tension and wheel removal

Whether you are adjusting chain tension or removing a wheel, it is recommended that you always use a torque wrench when tightening the axle nut. Using a regular wrench and guessing calculus when doing either of these tasks can result in over-tightening, which can irreversibly damage the threads.

However, a torque wrench with the correct setting will avoid this risk by tightening the spindle nut accurately and ensuring that the components are assembled correctly.

Please note that every motorcycle model is different and there is no fixed rule when it comes to the torque values of the axle nut. To set the correct value on your torque wrench, you should always consult the manufacturer’s manual.

Tip: The chain tension often alters slightly when you tighten the axle nut, check it again after tightening and be prepared to readjust if necessary.

2.- Oil Changes

Specific manufacturer recommendations may differ; however, as a general rule, you should change your bike’s oil once a year, or every 4,800 to 8,000 kilometers.

Some would say that a standard set of cups and some grease will be sufficient for an oil change. However, performing that procedure with a regular wrench involves running the risk of over-tightening. Not only can this damage the tank caps, the resulting repair of the damaged thread could lead to the need to remove and repair the engine.

The price of doing this far exceeds the price of a torque wrench, so if you’re going to change your bike’s oil, go ahead and buy a cheap torque wrench that could be in the 10-30Nm range, but again, always check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tip: Change the sealing ring on the tank cap to prevent oil leakage and don’t forget to replace the filter at regular intervals.

3.- Changing the Brake Pads

When it comes to changing brake pads, the torque wrench is an essential tool in your toolbox, not only to get the job done right, but also to give you peace of mind. For this, you will generally need a torque wrench in the range of 10-50 Nm for the caliper bolts.

Tip: Don’t leave calipers hanging from brake lines. Instead, hang them up with cable ties and stick a note on the dash as a reminder to tighten/check the caliper bolts before driving. Remember to pump the brake lever for a solid feel before riding the bike.

How to Use a Motorcycle Torque Wrench

In the following video courtesy of  Haynes Manuals  you can see how the motorcycle torque wrench works:


Almost every job on a motorcycle is a safety-critical operation, so when in doubt, always seek the assistance of a professional mechanic. Only experienced owners should attempt to do their own work, and for those who do it regularly, a torque wrench is a must, which can be useful even when changing the bike’s spokes.

Whilst it can be tempting to complete basic maintenance tasks with cheaper equipment, and believe that you only need a torque wrench if you are undertaking technical work such as rebuilding the engine, doing so may mean that you are not confident enough when you go out to ride your motorcycle.

Manufacturers provide torque specifications for a reason: they’re worth following.

Image of Motorcycle Torque Wrench

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Motorcycle Torque Wrench

Motorcycle Torque Wrenches 2020. Best Brands and Models
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Motorcycle Torque Wrenches 2020. Best Brands and Models
The motorcycle torque wrench should be classified as basic equipment, such as screwdrivers and pliers. Find the best selling brands and models, their use and where to buy, cheap.
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