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Mighty Torque Wrench, Bicycles’ Friendly Brand

If your hobby is cycling, the Mighty torque wrench is a tool that definitely cannot be missing from your equipment. It is a precision instrument that allows you to keep your bike in top shape.

A torque wrench is indispensable in any workshop, it would be almost a sin not to have one. Especially when working with carbon and filigree aluminum parts, which must be tightened to the correct torque, otherwise it can cause damage that would void the warranty.

Image Mighty Torque Wrench
Mighty Torque Wrench

Advantages of the Mighty Torque Wrench

Frequently, a specific torque wrench is the best for a determined application. In that respect, the Mighty torque wrench is sure to please all bike and motorcycle fans.

1. It has a very good price/performance ratio.

2. They have a variable torque range which allows you to service any part of the vehicle with the same wrench. Remember to always consult the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid excesses.

3. Several of its models come with an excellent set of hexagonal bits (Allen keys) and Torx adapters, which are very useful when assembling or disassembling bicycles and motorcycles.

4. The Mighty torque wrench comes very well calibrated from the factory.

5. In addition to the hexagonal bits and adapters, they come with a kit containing an extension bar that allows you to use the torque wrench even in hard-to-reach places.

6. The entire kit comes in a handy case, making it compact and easy to transport. So you can take it with you and deal with any technical malfunction quickly.

7. They have a change of direction, i.e. they are reversible, which allows for clockwise or anti-clockwise movements.

8. It is a strong wrench with a very resistant plastic coated handle.

Mighty Torque Wrench 2-24 Nm. Kit ¼” Model 880275

The Mighty 880275 / 2-24 Nm torque wrench has become a favorite among cyclists because it is the most suitable for maintaining their favorite hobby. It is a small torque wrench that due to its excellent quality, the content, a complete kit that allows you to adjust almost all the screws with only one key and its strong plastic case very convenient for transport.

The durability of a bicycle or motorcycle depends on whether or not you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions include the torque required for any specific fastener, which will tell you how much to tighten. Please note that over-tightening a fastener can cause thread damage.

Image Mighty Torque Wrench
Mighty Torque Wrench

Features and Benefits of the 2-24 Nm Torque Wrench

Whether you are a skilled mechanic or a bike fanatic, this tool is perfect for you. Here are its technical features:

1. It has a torque range of  2 – 24 Newton meters (Nm) which covers a good range of parts with only one wrench.

2. It comes with a very convenient set of hexagonal drills (3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm) and 3 Torx adapters (T20, T25, T30) that make your work much easier.

3. It includes an extension bar to reach those difficult and uncomfortable places.

4. The whole kit comes perfectly organized in a high resistance plastic case that makes it easy to move.

5. It is made with high quality materials that guarantee its durability.

6. It has a non-slip and ergonomic handle.

More information about Torque Wrenches

Other Models of Small Torque Wrench

To help you evaluate other small torque wrenches options, here are some of the most popular:

Opinions of the Mighty Torque Wrench

In the most popular models consulted in Amazon online store you can see scores of 4.4 out of 5 and even higher, which qualifies it as a reliable tool that is leaving its buyers satisfied.

Among the comments on Amazon you can read:

  • The quality is according to its price. It allows you to work without problems and is a cheap torque wrench …
  • It works perfect for the small screws on my bike…
  • Essential for carbon bikes. Recommended for precision tightening, very useful and necessary …
  • I also had a problem with the change of direction of the key and they replaced it without any problem…

How have you been able to verify this torque wrench is one of the best qualified in the market at the level of mechanics and fans of bikes and motorcycles, thanks to its characteristics and advantages.

If you are wondering what the price of the Mighty 880275. 2-24 Nm torque wrench is? Then we are happy to show you below the best offer for the Mighty 880275. 2-24 Nm torque wrench

Image Mighty Torque Wrench
Mighty Torque Wrench

Image of the Mighty Torque Wrench

Buy Mighty 880275. Set 1/4” - 2-24 Nm
Mighty 880275. Kit ¼” y 2-24 Nm


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